Fusion Therapies PLLC Peoria Arizona

by Kelly Jenkins MHS, CCC-SLP/L
(Peoria Arizona United States)

Fusion Therapies PLLC Kelly Jenkins MHS, CCC-SLP/L 7747 W. Deer Valley Rd. Ste #255 Peoria AZ 85382

Completed a Masters of Health Science degree at Governors State University University Park Illinois

I specialize in feeding and swallowing problems with children and adults with feeding difficulties and oral and/or pharyngeal dysphagia. I work with tracheotomized patients using the Passy Muir Valve (PMV). I also work with children with language delays, motor planning problems, and have started to work more with AAC devices in this ever evolving technology market.

I did five internship rotations in different environments prior to finishing college for a period of 1 year. I did an Aural Rehabilitation rotation, Audiological Assessment at an audiologist/Ear Nose & Throat doctor’s office, special education school rotation for children 0-5, hospital rotation primarily with adults (inpatient and outpatient) with Modified Barium Swallow (MBS) study experience, and a High School rotation with kids 14-18.

I worked at Upward Foundation for children with special needs in school based and outpatient therapy services in feeding/swallowing and language treatment for approximately one year.
I worked for REM Arizona Rehabilitation doing Arizona Early Intervention intakes, evaluations, and ultimately treatment via AZEIP and/or with the Department of Developmental Disabilities (DDD)
I privately contract currently for two different Department of Economic Security (DES) contracts and have third party liability (TPL)/private insurance contracts. I currently am a private practitioner who does clinic based and home based services.

I work with children who are picky eaters, children who have generalized food/mouth touch with a bad experience secondary to their past medical history, have sensitivities to foods secondary to sensory issues, have oral and/or pharyngeal dysphagia secondary to penetration and/or aspiration etc.

I utilize various techniques depending on the individual case, food patterning/chaining, compensation tactics, oral desensitization, oral awareness tactics, oral motor techniques, etc. I also can provide feeding treatment to adults. I do not currently provide Vital Stimulation treatment.

Payment can be completed via credit card, money order, cashier check, or cash.

I recommend various oral motor tools such as z-vibe, ARK grabbers, chewy tubes, textured spoons, dual sided spoons, spoons that ensure feeding success, cups that facilitate safe consumption, etc.

I would recommend books/videos/home programs depending on a child’s individual situation and as deemed appropriate during the course of treatment. Please share any other relevant information you feel our visitors would like to know.

I provide services for children and adults with various and diverse needs. I have worked with patients who have had dysphagia, gastroesophageal reflux, chronic history of constipation, Autism, picky eaters, delayed gastric motility, Failure to Thrive, NG & G-tube feeders, tracheotomized patients (including Passy Muir Valve (PMV) use, genetic disorders, chromosomal disorders, patients post stroke, premature children, children with muscle tone issues, immune-compromised children, etc.

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